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Voyage Celte

Musical tale about Celtic music and the history of this traveling people who have crossed time.

Created in 2016

Viviane Arnoux (accordion, vocals)
François Michaud (violin, viola)
After the success of their concert-lecture on the history of the accordion, it was François’s Québec origins, his affection for gigues and rigaudons, that motivated this creation. A program that combines traditional themes and original compositions.

It is also a restitution of part of their journey that led them, for one, alongside Hugues Aufray for fifteen years and in the ranks of Manau for 2 years, for the other, to collaborate with Matmatah and to tour with the Celtic Sailors during 6 years.

Currently part of the cultural catalogue in rural areas in the Oise region, after tours in the Network of Media Libraries of the Aube and Haute-Marne regions.