In a few hours, we can be introduced to the music, in a few days we can learn, in a few weeks we can deepen the knowledge and, in all cases, we can share the music and prepare for the stage.
M.A.M.’s artists are regularly invited to communicate their specialized practice to students in schools.
Educational projects are oft organized so as to lead to performances, by preparing workshop students for the stage. This approach values and enhances collective work.
M.A.M. regularly carries out these educational activities in the context of its tours and festivals, for regional (eg: PEPS in Hauts-de-France), departmental (eg: CDDC in Oise) or national (JMF, CCAS…) organizations, and for the Alliance Française network.

Our Workshops

Contemporary music workshops based on TIMES BOX

Aimed at audiences 10 years old and up, maximum of 25 students per session, participants can be musicians or not.
Awareness workshops
With Viviane Arnoux, François Michaud and Paul Vignes.

Requires a minimum of 2 hours of workshop in order to learn one or more tunes and participate in the Times Box concert. All instruments are welcome.
Includes: group work on tunes from the Times Box repertoire, using approaches to contemporary music that focus on rhythm, sound, singing, and improvisation.

Group music practice workshops, all instruments and vocals
With Viviane Arnoux, François Michaud and Paul Vignes (varies from 1 to 3 instructors).

Involves at least 6 hours of workshop.
All instruments are welcome.
The artist (s) introduce (s) the trainees to arranging, composing and improvising, based on the Times Box repertoire, but also focused on collective or individual creations.
Work on ensemble playing, sound, rhythmic precision, interpretation, cycles, odd bars …

Human beatbox workshops

With Paul Vignes.

Minimum of 2 hours of workshop.
Initiation and training in this 5th discipline that is hip-hop. Discovery through imitation of drum sounds: kick drum, hi-hat, snare drum. Awareness of the physical elements that create mouth sounds. Practice on rhythms. Introduction to humming.

(These workshops are offered particularly within the framework of the PEPS scheme in Hauts-de-France, CDDC in l’Oise, CLEA with the town of Montataire, Culture 70 in Haute-Saône and Réseau des Médiathèques de l’Aube).


“Music, movement and objects” workshops around LA MELODIE DES CHOSES

From 6 years old, up to 25 students.
Awareness workshops
With Viviane Arnoux, François Michaud and Pauline Borras.
A minimum of two hours of workshop is required to participate in one or more parts of the show.
The show finale will serve to invite students on stage, to participate in the collection of plastic waste and to play in two songs using the objects collected for interventions in dance, object theatre, rhythm and song.
In preparation for the workshop, two working groups will be organized: One focussing on music and song; the other on dance and objects.
Music and objects
With Viviane Arnoux, François Michaud and Pauline Borras.
6+ workshop hours.
Music ensemble: use improvisation through voice, body and objects collected in nature to raise awareness of sounds illustrating atmospheres and feelings. Use words to create song lyrics on show music. Objects group: collect objects, invent choreographies, create sets, characters, and universes interacting with the music.
Movement and objects
With Pauline Borras.
A minimum of two hours of workshop.
Children will be invited to observe the physical impacts they cause on objects through manipulation and to reproduce these with their bodies, nourishing their gestures with words and expressions.
This project was presented with l’Oise, city of Tergnier and Culture 70 CDDC facilities.

Music and multidisciplinary workshops around concert-conferences

Aimed at audiences 10 years old and up, maximum of 25 students per session, participants can be musicians or not.
With Viviane Arnoux, François Michaud

6+ workshop hours.
Participants will integrate one of the two concert-conference programs with reading, singing, music and dance.
Before the performance date, the 2 musicians will come to interpret their program and invite the young people to get involved according to their abilities, their desires and their artistic practices. Their initiative will be solicited and they will be encouraged to put themselves forward to illustrate different periods of the show.
(This project was presented with l’Oise CDDC facilities, in the Alliance Française network in partnership with schools in Peru, Venezuela and the United Arab Emirates, as well as in the Aube Media Library Network).