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Description of educational content

Through the various projects that they develop, locally and internationally, the musicians represented by the Cheval Rouge association have often been brought to share their passion and their knowledge with young audiences and with audiences from all social backgrounds. Their creative approach, their backgrounds, rich in culture, improvisation, teamwork and emotion-sharing, are all vectors of openness that fit perfectly into the Artistic and Cultural Education Curriculum put in place by l’Éducation Nationale for the primary and secondary levels of schooling. Through the 2 educational projects proposed by the association, the artists wish to participate in the cultural development and the increased openness of the students who will become the citizens of tomorrow.

The projects are aimed at children of all ages (nursery schools for early childhood concerts, elementary schools and middle schools for musical tales about ecology, middle schools, high schools and CFA for the music project at the crossroads of styles and eras)


1. Awareness of the source of our musical culture
Music being a preferred vector of communication of emotions, will allow us to share a culture, from its origins to its possibilities of creative expression. This question of musical culture will apply to all of our workshops.

2. The construction of the individual will be achieved through an invitation to participate in a musical moment. Proposals to participate by discovering instruments, by interacting in a more personal way with the music proposed (depending on the context and the age of the children, by dancing, singing, producing rhythms)

3. The conscience of the group will be solicited by the collective production of sounds, songs, rhythms to be played together, or for certain audiences, by the invitation to participate in 3 or 4 tunes which will be performed, at the end of the concert, with others students as an audience.

4. The notions of creative freedom and openness will be encouraged with the possibility to step out of the ordinary and discover other ways of imagining the concept of “doing together”.

5. The idea of sublimation and revaluation of everyday life will be ‘planted’ by suggesting to CFA or high school students, in particular, to use, in order to produce sound or rhythm, tools that they used during their training.

Educational actions already carried out by M.A.M.

As part of tours, cmusical reation in territories, participation in festivals, programming with departments, municipalities, performance halls, French alliances abroad: Concerts-meetings in Cantal (Jazz en Auvergne), in Isère (Grenoble Jazz Festival: Vagabond Jazz tour), in Lot-et-Garonne (ADEM Florida), internship at the Sallaumines conservatory, masterclasses at ADEM Florida in Agen, JMF tours (2 years), CCAS tours (3 years), concert-meetings and workshops as part of tours with the Alliance Française (United Arab Emirates, Peru, Venezuela), in Halifax and in several cities in Nova Scotia, in Namur, Ouagadougou, Tripoli, with ADDIM 70, over 4 weeks with the removable room “La Bulle” concerts in the evening and teaching during the day.

CDDC workshops (Oise department): 4 times with a music class from the Anatole France college in Montataire and musical restitution at the “Palace”; 6 times with the Fernel college in Clermont-de-l’Oise and restitutions at the ASCA in Beauvais, at the Salle des Fêtes in Agnetz. At the Saint-Just-en-Chaussée village hall, once with the Terrier college in Pont-Ste-Maxence.

Discovery Course / PEPS (Hauts-de-France region): 3 times at the Jean de La Fontaine high school in Château-Thierry, 2 times at the L’Acheuléen high school in Amiens, Paul Langevin high school in Beauvais, Jean Monnet vocational high school in La Fère, Arthur Rimbaud vocational high school in Ribécourt, CFA and LEP Horticole de Ribécourt, CFA of the Chamber of Commerce and Crafts of Laon, MFA of Songeons, LEP of Bovelles, Noyon, LEP Malraux (class of new arrivals) , Montataire, LEP Le Paraclet, Amiens, CFA-CMA of Amiens.

Specific actions: In prison participatory concerts-meetings-workshops in Uzerche, in particular with first-timers arriving in a reception centre in the city of Brussels, participatory concert (X 2), in one-off missions (in particular with a SECPA class) at college Joliot Curie de Tergnier (X 2), in a primary school in Thourotte, in a nursery school in Cambronne-lès-Clermont, at the Henri de Montherlant college in Neuilly-en-Thelle, at the Patrick Baudry primary and nursery school in Ercuis and in other schools in Oise.

Internships in music schools with the AMEM of Montataire (X 3), the Municipal School of Music of Gauchy (X 2), with the Caves à Musique of Tergnier (X2), at the Val de Nièvre Music School , the Thourotte Music School.

CLEA with the Paul Langevin primary school and the Palace de Montataire

Creation workshops in nurseries with the towns of Montataire, Nogent-sur-Oise, Beauvais and ASCA