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Musique Acoustique Machine is an artistic space dedicated to music that combines
time, form and style.

Established as a company in 2006 by Viviane Arnoux and François Michaud, Musique Acoustique Machine is a place of exploration around the instruments of its creators — the accordion, the violin, the viola and voice —, a place of collaboration with other musicians, and a place of creation with artists of all disciplines : a field of knowledge exchange and experiences.

With Musique Acoustique Machine, repertoires come to life and are deployed on all stages and for all audiences, albums are produced and listened to without geographic and generational boundaries, workshops and internships are organized, proposing that music be executed in play and in sharing.


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TIMES BOX “Son de la Semaine” dans le cadre de l’émission “Vous Êtes Formidables”

France 3 Hauts-de-France
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