Any musical and human adventure is possible, if it allows artists to express their share of creativity at the service of beautiful ideas.

Through its openness, its instrumentation and the diversity of artists they collaborate with, Musique Acoustique Machine responds to calls for projects and requests to participate in exceptional events, as part of public or private gatherings.

To date, the proposals already accepted by Musique Acoustique Machine come in various forms.

Bal Improbable

A show where Times Box adapts disco and tango hits in an original and fun instrumental form.
For example, the Anères silent film festival commissioned a ball to close the festival. The trio had previously performed on a Buster Keaton film, at this festival.

In 2018, the city of Montataire asked the trio to play at their July 14 Ball (on the 13th), just before the fireworks.

Bal de la Libération

Viviane Arnoux (accordion, voice)
François Michaud (violin, viola)
François Réau (drums, vocals)
The cities of Beauvais and Clermont-de-l’Oise (through the Théâtre du Pressoir) asked Musique Acoustique Machine to musically illustrate events surrounding the post-war period. A repertoire of swing, dances and vintage songs was commissioned from the group, that recreated an acoustic musical atmosphere, with a scent of American jazz and a terrasse café.

Celtic Ball

As an accordion-violin duo, adapting the repertoire of “Voyage Celte” or as a quartet with Xavier Desandre-Navarre on drums and percussion and Bérengère Altieri, as group coach and vocalist.

This quartet project was commissioned by the Festival Committee of the city of Boran-sur-Oise. With the addition of the drums to the duo, the repertoire of “Voyage Celte” gives a celtic rock feel, to the delight of dancers, who are led to choreographies developed in the spirit of traditional dances, with fantasy and body improvisation.


The responsiveness and originality of M.A.M. musicians led them to be requested to create musical jingles between speeches, readings, awards presentations…
… and thus punctuate the evening, in interaction with the themes.

This project was proposed for Le Bal des Livreurs, with readings of passages from classic or contemporary works, in Paris at the MPAA (Saint-Germain auditorium) and for the Oise’s awards ceremony to the associations of the city of Chambly, at the Josiane Balasko theatre.

Evenings of song and music

Live karaoke, a challenge that Musique Acoustique Machine musicians take up brilliantly, relying on their great versatility.

With singer Michèle Arnoux

Evenings filled with covers of hit songs. These are commissioned by concert halls, restaurants, and private events.

Concert with freelance musicians

Viviane Arnoux (accordion, voice)
François Michaud (violin, viola)
Antoine “Papa Noël” Nedule (guitar, vocals)
Komba Bello (drums, percussion, vocals)
Amed Barry (bass)

The charity association “Les Pirogues du Cœur” asked Musique Acoustique Machine to put together this band for the Fête de l’Humanité in 2018, then for their annual evening at Frépillon, one month later.

Concert Ball

Ball and accordion are inseparable. This is why Musique Acoustique Machine has worked with rural communities, proposing that they invite their audiences to discover original repertoires, by presenting an opening concert, followed by a shared meal and closing the evening with a ball.

Times Box proposed this type of presentation to the Isarian commune of Saint-Leu d’Esserent, in November 2019, complemented with educational workshops.

The duo is often asked for this type of event, for associations and private gatherings.