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Simply Two

A jazz duet concert that proposes rediscovering the complimentarity of the violin and the accordion.

Created in 2011

Viviane Arnoux (accordion, vocals)
François Michaud (violin, viola)
In this duet concert, jazz is expressed in all its openness and richness : compositions, covers of jazz standards of different styles, everything goes with only one watchword : improvisation.

The concert is an opportunity for the two musicians to express their complicity, their spontaneous creativity, their interaction with the public, and to invite on stage, at the end of the concert, instrumentalists who wish to share a moment of improvisation with them, to the delight of the audience.


  • CHEVAL ROUGE « a travel for two » (Viviane Arnoux / Francois Michaud)
    82906-2 : Buda Musique/Mélodie, 1995.
  • PARIS VILLAGE (Viviane Arnoux/François Michaud)
    Kosinus Arts 2010
    2763493 : Licence Buda Musique/Universal, 2011