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Du Silence au Concert

Discovery of the concert for very young audiences.

For children from 1 to 5 years old and their families. Duration : 35 minutes.

Created in 2022

Viviane Arnoux : accordion, vocals
François Michaud : violin, viola

Lightning, stage layout : Sébastien Coppin and Frédéric Bourreau
Staging and installation : Bérengère Altieri Leca and Pauline Borras

From silence, through the imagery of acoustic sound, to a glimpse of lighting, as the musicians settle in concert mode, from darkness to lighting, progressively, with the children in the middle, quiet then joyful.
Reacting, interacting with their emotions: exploiting the path through melodic form, a prelude to a soft harmonic birth, leading to a rich and festive concert. Finally, the little ones are invited to touch, play, dance…
… moving towards a shared collective emotion