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Jazz in my Musette

Jazz concert in the spirit of jazz musette and swing

Created in 2005

Viviane Arnoux (accordion, vocals)
François Michaud (violin, viola)
François Parisi (accordion)

This encounter results from a common desire to share the sensitive and generous musicality of jazz, swing-musette and world music with a refreshing originality.
The accordion reveals its diversity and richness in the refined playing of François Parisi, virtuoso of the “Paris-Musette” albums. In addition you can let yourself be carried away by the warm and melodic sound of Viviane Arnoux’s atypical accordion style.
François Michaud’s all-out violin interferes in their discussions, arbitrates the debates and takes off on their fiery rhythm. The exchanges between the three guests generate an energy, a warmth that goes straight to the public.


  • JAZZ IN MY MUSETTE (Viviane Arnoux/François Michaud/François Parisi)
    860123 : Buda Musique/Socadisc, 2005
    319.1305.2 : licence chez “Acoustic Music Records” (Allemagne), 2003.
  • JAZZ IN MY MUSETTE RELOADED/25 ANS, CD BONUS (Viviane Arnoux/François Michaud/François Parisi)
    860315 : Buda Musique/Mélodie, 2017
  • DVD JAZZ IN MY MUSETTE (Viviane Arnoux/François Michaud/François Parisi)
    La Seine TV/Musea (Jazz’ Azimut Collection), 2017