Young audiences

Interact with young audiences through story telling with music as a language
Adapt repertoires to make them more accessible, without taking away their poetic and enlightened characteristics.
Create multidisciplinary musical tales.
Eventually associate these to the playback that takes place in the context of workshops…

Concerts for young audiences

« Du Silence au Concert »

A 2022 creation. Discovery of the concert for very young audiences.

For children from 1 to 5 years old and their families. Duration : 35 minutes

From silence, through the imagery of acoustic sound, to a glimpse of lighting, as the musicians settle in concert mode, from darkness to lighting, progressively, with the children in the middle, quiet then joyful.
Reacting, interacting with their emotions: exploiting the path through melodic form, a prelude to a soft harmonic birth, leading to a rich and festive concert. Finally, the little ones are invited to touch, play, dance…

Viviane Arnoux : accordion, vocals
François Michaud : violin, viola

Lightning, stage layout : Sébastien Coppin and Frédéric Bourreau
Staging and installation : Bérengère Altieri Leca and Pauline Borras

« Times Box »

A 2019 creation offered to youth, especially at the college level.

Read details in the Musique Acoustique Machine section

Human beatbox, a very popular discipline among teenagers, turns out to be an ideal medium to get them to listen to music and discover instruments they are not used to, in a hip-hop context that they understand. The artists end the session with a 10 to 15 minute exchange where questions are answered and instrument demonstrations are presented.



These are easily adapted easily to primary school and college audiences, because of their narrative and educational dimension.
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Musical Stories

Multidisciplinary poetic proposals, whose language and form are music, image and acting. The message : develop our sensitivity to nature. Target audience : 8-12 years old and families.

« La Mélodie Des Choses »

Created in 2017 to convey poetically a committed vision of ecology

Viviane Arnoux (accordion, voice)
François Michaud (violin, viola)
Pauline Borras (actress, visual artist, video interaction)

Light, sound : Niels Geindre, then Antoine Guérin
Set design : Stéphane Dubocage
Artistic advice : Odile Schmitt

This is a multidisciplinary musical story, that Musique Acoustique Machine has been presenting since 2017, in collaboration with La Compagnie Préfabriquée. Custom created music, video of moving materials, Chinese shadows and acting intertwine in a poetic spectacle that uses the metaphor of artistic creation to educate young people about building a world that respects our planet Earth.

A hymn to life and re-enchantment that exudes a strong scent of childhood, for young audiences, but not only young audiences! Waste collection and planting of a tree are on the program before and after the show.
Next performances on April 1st in Saint-Just-en-Chaussée.


Past Show

« Mélodies Extra Ordinaires »

Created in 2012
Viviane Arnoux (accordion, voice)
François Michaud (violin, viola)
Céline Caussimon (actress, shadow puppets)
François-Xavier Guérin (set design and sound)

Set design : Stéphane Dubocage,
Marie-Noëlle Romvos and François-Xavier Guérin
Lighting : Julien Appert, then Jean-Alexandre Bertrand
Video : Jérémy Justice
Artistic advice : Odile Schmitt

The first musical story created by MAM, which uses music as the only emotional vector, no text, only melodies, images and sets that transport the audience to imaginary horizons.

In this first opus, Musique Acoustique Machine uses the metaphor of the romantic encounter to suggest the harmony of nature.

A graphic work, created upstream, allows a fantastic and evolving decor on screens, in interaction with Chinese shadows.

The music accompanies emotions which eveolve from curiosity to ecstasy, through anger, renunciation and reconciliation.