“The children were so delighted that many returned for the evening public concert”

L’Est Eclair, S. H., November 2019

“Polymorph… MAM takes the path of a jazz with popular accents”

Jazz Hot, Jérôme Partage, November 2018

“The group will be on France Musique this Saturday, November 4”

L’Echo du Thelle, November 2017

“Here is music by alliance… Ethnic alliance? More certainly an alliance of opposing movements”

Tempo, June 2016

“The combination of its approaches and its talent provides this very successful Human Swing Box with much innovation and fantasy”

Le Monde, Sylvain Siclier, December 2015

“A modern day for family traveling in an “Art de Vivre”

Time Out Dubaï, May 2014

“A last nod to the Carrefour Mondial de l’Accordéon where the duo was applauded this week”

Le Devoir (Canada), September 2013

“A subtle mix of swing, jazz, electro”

Le Parisien, December 2012

“We experience tender moments in places with unspoiled charm; some still exist today, although we have to search them out”

Longueur d’Ondes, Elsa Songis, April 2011

“Musique Acoustique Machines blurs genres and eras in its new multimedia project”

Libération, Dominique Queillé, June 2010

“Emotion is released, energy is shared”

La Dépêche du Midi, November 2009

“MAM expresses acoustic color, poetry, sometimes heartbreaking notes, then rhythm kicks in again”

La Croix de la Haute-Marne, Michel Thénard, April 2008

“A very beautiful concert, both fiery and tactful”

La Nouvelle République, August 2007

“Motion Trio and MAM are the precursors of an innovative generation”

Dirty Linen (Canada), Paul-Emile Comeau, September 2006

“An original cocktail, quite unclassifiable and very captivating, that finds the right balance between scholarly and popular music”

Trad Mag, Francis Couvreux, December 2005